Assessing your condition

Guessing never helps anyone. Taking time to assess the circumstances behind what’s effecting you, is usually the quickest way of helping.

Getting you healthy again

We focus on making you happier through improvements in your health.

Educating so you know

Helping you to understand your condition, treatments and how to help yourself is always the better solution.

Care for your body, because we care too

A Wollongong based healthcare service to treat your overall wellbeing. The healthcare system doesn’t cater for everyone. So if you’re the one that it doesn’t cater for, then your health could be suffering. If your condition has special needs, then your treatment should be the same.

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If you practice healthy lifestyle activities, your body is balanced and satisfied. You feel happy, you look great, and you have an endless supply of energy. Learn how here.



Movement helps to improve or keep a healthy, strong and flexible body. Understanding the details for your needs or condition, can be tricky. Learn how here.



Stress and tension can easily be remedied by finding a qualified Massage Therapist. We all need relief at times to help us through our work, stress, or for sporting activities. Learn how here.



Pain tells you the body is not coping at its best, it also doesn’t need to be ongoing. Don’t let pain affect how you get through your day, or your quality of life. Learn how here.

We're here to help to your fullest potential

We’re here to help you to your fullest potential: Whether you are physically active or spend most of the day in a chair, life takes a toll on your body. Our holistic health services can help keep you, at your best. The great thing is, it’s not just your body that benefits – feeling healthy, helps you feel better mentally and emotionally as well.

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My appointment was for a number of injuries I had collected over the years from playing different sports…The treatment regime of massage and stretching really settled a lot of the issues. One treatment session I happened to mention that I had a serious case of stomach cramps, the therapist fixed them as well.

N.P (Windang)

I had a problem with my shoulder that no one could seem to fix…After visiting The Body Care Specialists for just one visit & with some take home exercises, the pain and discomfort is controlled allowing me to get on with my work. I’m back at work now, only needing to rest up over the weekend. The pain levels haven’t been this good for a long time.

Julie (Bulli)

When I took my daughter to see The BCS I didn’t realise how much we didn’t understand…The staff helped us to understand what we needed to know so we could help ourselves be more independent and healthier, through a greater understanding of how our lifestyle was affecting our health.

R.N. & M.N (Kiama)

The Body Care Specialists

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Urgent cases seen after phone call and discussion re needs.